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Introducing Doczen, an advanced solution crafted around a robust Large Language Model. Engineered to effortlessly handle inquiries derived from specific documents, Doczen is at the forefront of intelligent document interaction. Harnessing state-of-the-art language comprehension, this product excels in extracting precise information and delivering comprehensive responses.

Doczen isn't just a tool, it's a transformative asset for efficient document interaction and knowledge retrieval. Its expansive capabilities redefine the user experience, revolutionizing the way individuals access and understand information across diverse textual sources. Experience a new era of seamless document engagement with Doczen.

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Power your language apps instantly

NLP Basics

NLP tasks like POS tagging, NER, Lemmatization, Stemming etc


Powerful Question Answering API


Translate from English to 100+ languages and vice versa

Text Classification

Text Classification on multiple domains and 100+ languages. Perform effective Sentiment Analysis.

Create your own

We provide the building blocks to create your own apps effectively like chatbots, sentiment analysis etc


Summarize a long document to effectively describe it

Powered by leading Next-Gen AI Models

We take the best NLP models available and finetune them to deliver the best results.

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FirstLanguage is listed in the Top 50 Women-led startups by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Price Water Copper (PWC) in the year 2023

FirstLanguage Technologies won the "Innovation of the Year" at SAMVAD 2023, CITLoB's Annual Conference, with Dr. Subalalitha C.N receiving the award, at the event themed "India Unleashed: Unveiling the Hotspot of Opportunities,"

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