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FirstLanguage ASR API

Unveiling the Apex of "Speech Recognition Excellence"

Unleash the potential of communication within your enterprise through FirstLanguage's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) API. Our state-of-the-art technology takes communication to the next level by transforming spoken words into actionable data.

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Intelligent API Capabilities

Empowering Seamless Interaction, Understanding, and Integration

Speech to Text

Seamlessly and efficiently convert spoken words into accurate and actionable text, thereby facilitating seamless communication and transcription processes effectively, and with precision.

Table QA

Empower your applications to intelligently process and answer questions related to tabular data, unlocking insights effortlessly.

Image Captioning

Bring images to life with descriptive and contextually relevant captions, enhancing accessibility and user experience.

Machine Translation

Bridge language barriers by enabling automatic translation between multiple languages, expanding your application's global reach.

Text Classification

Enhance data organization and analysis by categorizing text into predefined classes, facilitating efficient information retrieval.

Doc Processing

Enable intelligent querying and extraction of information from documents, streamlining content comprehension and retrieval.

Text Summarization

Condense lengthy text into concise and informative summaries, facilitating quick understanding and decision-making.

Highly Accurate API

Enjoy exceptional accuracy in speech recognition for various languages, accents, domains, vocabulary, and context, ensuring top-notch performance for your applications.

Language Assistance & Tailoring

Benefit from robust support for Tamil, English, Hindi, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, German, and French, coupled with the flexibility to tailor the API to specific linguistic needs and contexts.

Dedicated Servers & Cloud Deployment

Avail the advantage of dedicated servers and cloud-based deployment options, providing scalability, reliability, and seamless integration into your infrastructure.

NVIDIA® Riva Powered API

Dive into the NVIDIA® Riva Powered API

Embark on an immersive odyssey of cutting-edge efficiency with the NVIDIA® Riva Powered API. Intricately designed to cater to the evolving needs of communication technology, this API not only ushers in exceptional features but also revolutionizes the realm of innovation in speech recognition and data processing.

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Multilingual Mastery

Supercharge enterprise: FirstLanguage's GPU-accelerated Speech API in Tamil, English, Hindi, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, German, and French.

Enhanced Enterprise Capabilities

Empower your enterprise with FirstLanguage ASR, enhancing communication across languages and contexts.

Streamlined Integration

Our seamless integration ensures a hassle-free and streamlined process, allowing you to harness speech recognition power without disrupting workflows.

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